Thursday, February 7, 2008

Can You Call Me Back?

Those 5 little magical words put more fear into people then Al-Quada. At least we can make contact with Al Quada!

Yesterday was one of those sales days where I had to push myself in the morning due to lack of production in the week, but by 11:oo a.m. I was feeling great because one of my prospects who said the aforementioned magical words CALLED ME BACK and we agreed on a nice high deductible health plan w/ copays. That's not one of favorite plans, but I did cut their premium in half so I'm not complaining and neither are they.

Some agents would be content with the $900 I made off that one sale and call it day, but that only represents 23% of my weekly goal., which is unacceptable to me. The experience did remind of something I sometimes fail to remember. Namely, as a professional insurance agent, I'm more than capable and comfortable, controlling the sales process, but what I DON'T have control over are my clients buying habits and the outside forces in their life.

I've been working with these people for about a month. This is how the sales process went.

1) I received a request for a health insurance quote on 1/3/2008.

2) Introduction letter and 4 page quote request form sent same day.

3) I received a fax back on 1/18/2008 with the entire form filled out and questions. I love questions! Tells me my system is working and I piqued their curiosity.

4) Talked on the phone with wife for 45 minutes on 1/18/2008 about the quote from and qualified here and her husband. Promised I would send some quotes and a brochure and set follow up appointment on 1/21/2008.

5) Quote (password protected) and brochure e-mailed on 1/18/2008.

6) Left phone message on 1/21/2008 and sent a standard e-mail.

7) Husband calls me back the following day to "interview" me. We talk for 20 minutes and reach a mutual agreement that his wife and I will go over things that Friday to see if their "application will approved."

8) Answering (arrgh) machine again. Message left and e-mail.

9) One final message on 2/4/2008.

10) Call back and application completed on 2/6/2008 for $4500 AV

Total up the time I spent with these people thus far and it's approximately 120 minutes or $45o an hour! This means I can spend another 16 hours with them before I go over my minimum hourly wage of $50. Can you see what I'm doing here?

There are numerous formulas I use to keep track of finances, marketing, etc. but I call the aforementioned equation the "Get off you Ass J.R." ingredient. Combine that with a healthy dose of behavioral conditioning and listening to 1-2 songs and I'm good to go. When I don't feel like telemarketing that is the kind of stuff I do to motivate myself.

Still think an agent can make $100,000+ part-time.......... Try walking 10 miles to pick up a bucket of water that you have to HIKE back to your village and tell me things are too hard!

What do you do to motivate yourself?????

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