Sunday, November 18, 2007

Things That Make You Go HMMMM

Life is good! In the last few weeks I have received some interesting questions about blog readers regarding my approach to selling insurance, as well as some disparaging comments about my work ethics.

For those of you who are professional and amicable please feel free to continue to contact me in the future and I'll be more than happy to help in any way I can. I'm happy to know that I can be of service. For those of you who are upset at my success.....change your diapers and talk to your doctor about your anxiety issues, just keep in mind it might not be covered!

I've talked about my perspectives about how to sell insurance successfully by illuminating the smart and stupid things I've done. I've also had the pleasure of reading some wonderful comments (listed below) about the proper way to sell insurance.

"Just another stupid fucking John P kiss-Ass. Your such a joke, if you really cared about your clients you would quit selling Assurant. You go on and on about how you take care of your customers, What a Joke, First Assurant isnt even close in being the best product for the cost and coverage. So keep believing your own bullshit and keep selling your Assurant in MD cause its a joke, your a joke for an Agent, Look at your stupid picture, you look like a surfer from california, Navy Boy FAG" Written by Anonymous."

Once I removed my lips from John's ass I got back on the phone and continued my telemarketing efforts although I will admit that it was tough considering how numb my lips felt. For all of you new agents out there who feel like their head is going to explode with all of the information you're trying to digest about health insurance remember these words. "Positive energy!"

Each state's health insurance market operates differently and although I can sell in 6 states, it is impossible to say that one company is better than another without knowing ALL OF THE FACTS about the market, and more importantly, what the clients wants to accomplish. Some of you may know that I'm not a fan of riders, but if a client is aware of a potential rider and wants a plan from Carrier A at a modest rate, while Carrier B rates up the condition and it's a bit more expensive, then Carrier A it will be.

Unfortunately, one of the downsides to this business is dealing with people who think they know everything, but are really insecure in general and feel the need to propagate their lack of wisdom by not knowing when to shut up and listen. This comes from not only agents pertaining to sell the best insurance plan, but also clients who believe in a plan that I have never heard of or don't have access to sell because it requires a GS 28 TS Clearance. If you're laughing you know what I'm talking about. If any you want those leads feel free to contact me and I'll forward you the information.

In a sense, the ups and downs of this career field rival my military experiences. Oh yeah, and for the record. I'm all AIR FORCE and was born and raised in Jersey, but I thank you for complimenting me on my looks. The hair is 100% all natural and so is the tan.

As the year comes to an end I'm thinking about my business goals for 2008. I'm coming to the conclusion that the agent support in health insurance is fair superior to life insurance in terms of underwriting issues, customer service and product knowledge. Is it is me or does it seem that sometimes it appears the agents are training the BGA''s, IMO's, etc. on a particular product? I take my hat off to the agents out there who are strictly Life guys and gals.

Ramping up life production is one aspect of my business I anticipate increasing, as well as disability and critical illness insurance. I contemplated getting my P & C License so I can focus on commercial properties and other areas that pertain to my real estate investing endeavors and marketing campaigns, but have decided to hold off on that until next summer once I move. I'll be working in small group here shortly and will let all of you know how that goes in the next couple of weeks. There are about 3 weeks of work left in the year so I'll catch you once the rush is over.

I'm off to read the latest Agents Sales Journal. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and remember to buckle up and not drink too much Egg Nog.

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